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Glittering Dubai: Exploring the world's jewellery capital

Glittering Dubai: Exploring the world's jewellery capital

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Wednesday 4 October 202303:59 pm
إقرأ باللغة العربية:

كيف أشتري الذهب؟... وزيارة رصيف22 إلى سوق الذهب في دبي

Dubai, renowned as one of the prime shopping destinations in the Middle East, boasts an extensive array of shopping centers that cater to individuals of all ages and varied interests.

Among this vast plethora of retail establishments and malls, the Gold Souk stands out as one of the most iconic landmarks in the emirate. Its shops, scattered throughout, are perpetually teeming with customers from all over the world. What sets it apart? And why is it regarded as one of the most famous gold markets in the region?

Raseef22 made a visit to the Gold Souk in Dubai to answer these questions.

One of the world's largest jewellery markets

Historically, according to archival references, the Gold Souk in Dubai was established back in 1940 by a consortium of traders hailing from India and Iran. Over the years, this market has witnessed significant evolution and expansion, eventually becoming a pivotal destination for traders, buyers, and shoppers from diverse corners of the globe. In the present day, the Gold Souk, situated in the historic "Deira" district of Dubai, has earned recognition as one of the largest jewellery markets worldwide, housing over 400 stores that specialize in the sale of gold, silver, diamonds, and even synthetic diamonds.

The market offers a diverse range of gold and silver products, including custom-designed jewellery pieces, encompassing a spectrum of styles, from authentic and traditional to contemporary and modern, thus catering to a wide array of tastes.

Upon stepping into the market, nestled within the historic precincts of old Deira, visitors are immediately struck by the sheer multitude of shops bustling with customers. This heightened activity is especially pronounced during the winter season, courtesy of the surge in the tourism market in the United Arab Emirates.

Exceptional affordability

Dubai's reputation for consistently topping the list of "most expensive" items in virtually every category – from the most expensive cup of coffee to the priciest piece of jewellery to the most expensive night in a hotel, all the way to the most expensive car or perfume bottle – may lead potential buyers to assume that the Gold Souk also features exorbitant price tags. It sure might seem that its products would bear astronomical price labels, but this preconceived notion couldn't be further from the truth.

The Dubai Gold Souk traces its origins back to 1940 when it was established by a group of traders hailing from India and Iran. Over the years, it has undergone significant evolution and expansion, becoming one of the largest jewellery markets in the world

What sets this market apart are its unparalleled prices, achieving a quality standard that rivals renowned global brands while offering substantially lower prices compared to those found in the major brand stores also situated within Dubai's sprawling malls.

Herein lies the most noteworthy point that distinguishes the gold market in Dubai: the ability to procure 24-carat gold jewellery at a cost lower than that of an 18-carat piece from any other international brand store. But what exactly is 24-carat gold? And why is it the most sought-after choice for gold enthusiasts?

Here are some important tips for those who wish to visit Dubai and shop in the old Gold Souk.

Acquiring 24-carat gold at an affordable price

24-carat gold stands as the epitome of pure gold, boasting a composition of 100% pure gold, which translates to 24 parts of pure gold for every 24 parts of the alloy, according to scientific definitions. This particular gold variant distinguishes itself with its deep, lustrous golden hue, so brilliant that it captivates the eyes of onlookers with its mesmerizing beauty and radiant glow. Notably, it ranks among the hardest and most corrosion-resistant forms of gold.

When it comes to the price, a gram of gold is essentially non-negotiable, as it is determined by the international gold exchange. However, the craftsmanship is where negotiations and haggling can come into play

The allure of 24-carat gold extends to its application in crafting exquisite, luxury jewellery, due to its high value and unparalleled beauty. Furthermore, it plays a pivotal role in the manufacturing of gold alloys traded in global financial markets.

Unquestionably, it serves as the ideal choice for investment, thanks to its high intrinsic value and price stability. For instance, a visit to Dubai's Gold Souk provides the opportunity to acquire a 24-carat gold bracelet or ring at a price lower than that of an 18-carat piece from another establishment or store within major commercial centers.

Don't buy from the first store

In Dubai's diverse and highly competitive gold market, especially with the myriad of options within the market and fierce competition among traders to win customers, never finalize a purchase at the first store you enter. The first rule for scoring a winning deal in Dubai's gold market involves comparing prices across different stores before committing to a purchase. Prices can vary significantly from one store to another, more than one might imagine.

Haggling over craftsmanship

This previous point ties closely to the variance in the "craftsmanship" price, as previously mentioned. Additionally, the room for bargaining and negotiation differs from one store to another and relies on individual bargaining skills. Nurturing this skill is essential before venturing into the Gold Souk to secure a bargaining margin, allowing you to acquire that golden piece you desire or intend to gift to a loved one.

24-carat gold represents the epitome of purity, constituting 100% pure gold with 24 parts of pure gold for every 24 parts of the alloy. In contrast, 22-carat gold contains 91.67% pure gold, 21-carat gold comprises 87.5%, and 18-carat gold consists of 75%

While the distinctive brilliance of this precious metal captures our attention, voices around us and the market's ambient hum blend with the distinct clinking of gold. Meanwhile, shoppers engage in enthusiastic negotiations with vendors, striving to secure the best price reductions, in a spirited back-and-forth that exemplifies the authentic competition characterizing major commercial markets across the Arab world.

The door to bargaining over prices remains wide open in the gold market for good reason. Although gold prices in this market follow international gold exchange rates, which are consistent across all gold-selling outlets in Dubai, including those selling used gold, the difference lies in the craftsmanship of the piece. This cost factor allows room for negotiation and precision in purchasing.

Check gold gram prices before visiting the Gold Souk

Government regulations, designed to safeguard consumer interests in Dubai, require sellers and manufacturers to include a hallmark certifying the gold's carat on each piece. Nevertheless, we advise those planning to visit this market to check gold prices before their visit, as these rates can undergo daily fluctuations. Additionally, it's recommended to procure a certificate specifying the piece's type, weight, and ownership details for a smooth and informed shopping experience.

Features and advantages that can't be found anywhere else

Amidst all that has been discussed, with the primary concern being the competitive pricing, Dubai's gold market proudly boasts four distinctive attributes that have elevated Gulf gold to international prominence.

First and foremost, there's the aspect of purity. With 24-carat gold readily available, constituting a pure 100%, you can be assured of acquiring a piece of unparalleled purity and quality. Furthermore, 22-carat gold, comprising 91.67% pure gold, is also widely prevalent across the Gulf region.

Gulf gold is also available in 21 and 18-carat variants, containing 87.5% and 75% pure gold, respectively.

It's essential never to make a gold purchase without verifying the hallmark of craftsmanship and obtaining a certificate that substantiates its weight, carat, and ownership.

The second distinguishing characteristic is quality. Gulf nations are resolute in adhering to strict standards that ensure the superior quality of gold manufactured in the region. Specifically in the UAE, cutting-edge techniques are employed in gold production, guaranteeing a level of craftsmanship and quality that is second to none.

The third hallmark is the diversity in design. Gulf gold stands out with its vast array of modern and classic shapes and designs. It's available in various forms and an array of colors, ensuring it caters to all tastes and preferences.

And finally, the fourth characteristic is price competitiveness. When you venture into Dubai's gold market, you can secure a piece of gold that combines quality craftsmanship, the purity of the metal, and the authenticity of design, all at a gratifying price. Simultaneously, you can keep some money in your wallet after concluding a winning deal by all standards, ensuring you return home with a sense of satisfaction.

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