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An independent media platform

When Raseef22 launched in August 2013, it was amongst the region’s first "independent" digital media, with a firm footing in the nascent digital media landscape. Raseef22 was the first regional media focused on underrepresented communities: women, ethnic and religious minorities, LGBTQ+, the young, the destitute, the free … the voice of a people hungry for a role in determining its own future. Despite limited means, Raseef22 inspired journalists steadily chipping away at the traditional publishers that are vested in the status quo.

Raseef22 is not affiliated to a political party or businessmen with political ambitions nor financed by states or religious institutions. We are a truly independent media platform that includes decision makers from all denominations, socio-economic backgrounds, educational levels and with equal distance from all political parties. We address millions of readers in the Arabic language through an innovative approach to daily life, while being keen to respect the local customs and traditions of the peoples of the region.

Raseef22 is focused on a new awareness of citizenship and on promoting new values in line with human rights to build a better future.We are connected to the pulse of the street and raise issues of concern in the 22 Arab countries. The principles of democracy form the core of its editorial line, which is overseen by an independent team that’s critical but in a constructive manner; a team that has its own positions regarding the affairs of the region, but far from the existing political disputes. Raseef22 is a platform that is designed to simulate the new citizen. Its topics and themes include lifestyle, arts, culture, investment, industry, economics, politics, justice, equality, travel, education, and acceptance of the other, along with a background that is always based on respect for citizenship and social justice. Raseef22 is a media outlet that aims to create a sense of a future shared by the citizens of the Arab world but far from the discourse of Arab nationalism.

Raseef22 pioneered Arabic language new Media, rich in visuals using inclusive easy language, social, anthropological and cultural innovation that attracted readers who until then could find similar topics in English only. The site keeps pace with the change taking place in the region and tries to interpret it by revealing the common features, the strengths, weaknesses, problems, and aspirations of the 22 Arab countries. Raseef22 invests all its income to produce journalistic and press materials and does not distribute any profits.

Raseef22 is a publication of Levant Laboratories SAL.

Our team

  • Asmaa Azaizeh

    Palestine section editor

  • Ayman Sharrouf

    Politics Section Editor/ Lebanon, Syria and Iraq

  • Jumana Mustafa

    Editor/ LifeStyle

  • Maryam Haidari

    Editor/ Culture and Iran

  • Michel Abi Rached

    Webmaster - Community Manager

  • Simone Samir

    Visual Artist

  • Zeina Kanawati

    Editor/ Arab world and Europe

  • Zeinab Assaf

    Visual Artist

  • Ahmed Gamal

    Social Media Manager

  • Aya khraboutli

    Visual Artist/ Video Editor

  • Charbel Khoury

    Monitoring, Evaluation and Data Officer

  • Chrystine A. Mhanna

    Advocacy Director and Concepts Advisor

  • Diana Khanafer

    Marketing Specialist

  • Elige Noon

    Editor/ Jasad

  • Farah Alsa'di

    Journalist - Social Media Manager

  • Kamal Aoude

    Marketing Consultant

  • Kareem Sakka


  • Koussay Charara

    Language Editor

  • Lea Chalhoub

    Finance assistant

  • Line Itani

    Strategic Marketing and Development Officer

  • Mohammad Darious

    Culture page editorial team | Majaz Section Editor

  • Ranine Sabeh

    Video Editor

  • Rasha Hilwi

    Journalist and editor

  • Rasha Srour

    Editor/ English Section

  • Roiya Abuzied

    Visual Artist

  • Rokaya Kamel

    AI & Technical Content Coordinator

  • Samia Allam

  • Sylvain Nassar

    Creative Director

  • Zeina Shahla

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