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Iraq’s Nursing Sector and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Iraq’s Nursing Sector and the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Monday 26 April 202106:14 pm
إقرأ باللغة العربية:

فيديو: واقع التمريض في العراق تحت وطأة كورونا

On the seventh of April 2020, the World Health Organization stated that the world needs about 5.9 million nurses to fill the global gap among nurses due to the Corona pandemic, from here I have started research and investigation since 2020, while relying on the language of numbers to highlight the reality of nursing in Iraq Including the Kurdistan region in the shadow of the Corona pandemic, in addition to the certificates of nurses, to make it clear in the end that the country suffers from a shortage of everything!

I edited and produced the video via mobile phone, and the report was supported by Internews Organization after I won the "Information Saves Lives 2020, Rapid Response Fund" grant that the organization launched for journalists around the world.

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