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Hezbollah’s New Fatal Weapon Against American Imperialism

Hezbollah’s New Fatal Weapon Against American Imperialism

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Tuesday 18 February 202003:20 pm

Hezbollah’s Hassan Nasrallah has called on the Lebanese to boycott US goods and products as “part of the battle” against tyrannical America.

« Why are we not resorting to boycotting American products? This is part of the battle » Nasrallah said in a televised speech on Sunday commemorating the death of Qasem Soleimani. His comments came a few months after videos showing crates of fresh US dollars Hezbollah allegedly was readying to pay its supporters.

 However, many of his supporters seemed eager to boycotting US products. They launched a hashtag on twitter and posted images of the products they will stop consuming.

Unfortunately, many Lebanese won’t buy US products anymore, not because of Nasrallah’s boycott calls, but simply because they can no longer afford them with Lebanon’s complete economic and financial collapse.

Most of these products are snacks and fast food outlets like KFC and Starbucks. Some of the brands that made it to the list are not even American!

Regardless, they conveniently omitted US pharmaceutical products, electrical equipment and technology and social media platforms. There was no mention of US aid, US scholarships and the American universities many of Hezbollah’s supporters attend.

The Lebanese were triggered by the double standards and started mocking and questioning the call for boycott, using sarcasm, jokes, and memes.

Many mocked how those who chant death to American and mourn Soleimani were doing it around an American made car. 

They also pointed out how fond Soleimani and Nasrallah’s son are of Timberland, an American outdoors clothing brand. In one picture, Jawad Nasrallah is seen with two friends while wearing a shirt with the logo of the American company Timberland with “USA” underneath and in another picture, Qasem Soleimani is wearing a Timberland jacket.

To defend himself Jawad wrote: « All of the writing against me — I won’t attack in response. I don’t buy American products; I’m even planning to sell my iPhone.”

The majority of the Lebanese are not buying any of that hypocrisy anymore and are more concerned by the dollar crisis and economic collapse they are facing.

“Asking us to boycott American products is farfetched and unrealistic and displays the ineptness of our officials when you think of the magnitude of US investments in Lebanon.”

As Hezbolla’s leader calls for the boycott of American products, one can only wonder if his followers will also boycott the American Hospitals and Universities in Lebanon, all social media platforms and dollar bank notes?

Coming up with solutions to our economic crisis should be the only concern of our elected officials. I think the Lebanese people are done blaming others for their problems. » Ali, a 22-year-old from Bint Jbeil told Raseef22.

A small country like Lebanon facing one the worst economic crisis in its history cannot afford to boycott anyone, especially a superpower with the world’s largest economy that won’t even be aware of the boycott.

On the other hand, Lebanon and the United States are allies and the US even funds the Lebanese army. Which raises the question: « When Nasrallah asked the Lebanese to boycott US weapons, does the boycott include the weapons of the Lebanese army? »

How can a Lebanese know which US product he/she should boycott? Unfortunately, many Lebanese won’t buy US products anymore, not because of Nasrallah’s boycott calls, but because they won’t be able to afford them with Lebanon’s complete economic collapse.

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