Economic Alliances With Russia, China and Iran, Nasrallah Proposal For A Brighter Future

Wednesday 13 November 201906:28 pm
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نصر الله وخطاب الشراكة مع الصين وروسيا وإيران... استقالة من المسؤولية؟

Secretary-General of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah ceded that the authority he once godfathered has failed in dealing with Lebanon’s current crisis. This admission is just short of political bankruptcy, add to that complaints about international conspiracies against the country and his party.

According to Nasrallah, foreign states, lead by the US, want to bring Lebanon to its knees economically in a bid to undermine the resistance. This is a tacit acknowledgement that the resistance has no future in this world. Secretary-General Nasrallah however proposes to the Lebanese public an untenable alternative.

He proposes that Lebanon, China, Russia and Iran enter into a partnership in politics first and in the economy second and to a degree that may be more urgent. Regardless how illogical and unrealistic this proposition is, it is a form of declaration to the Lebanese people that the crisis will not be resolved even if the corrupt are held to account, and that the country is zipping towards a deep abyss, from which no one will be spared, even Hezbollah fighters who are still receiving salaries from Iran.

Nasrallah is proposing that Lebanon, China, Russia and Iran enter into a partnership in politics first and in economy second to face the challenges from a US lead conspiracy to cripple #Lebanon economically.
According to Nasrallah, foreign states lead by the US, want to bring Lebanon to its knees economically in a bid to undermine the resistance, he proposes turning to China, Russia and Iran.

Nasrallah’s words to the Lebanese people infer that the government in Lebanon is not at fault and that all the suffering in the country is caused by foreign conspiracies. Consequently, his discourse is a pre-emptive exoneration of the government’s failure.

Once again, Hezbollah trumpets slogans of oppression and austerity and once again the Lebanese people should endure what they do not have the energy to endure anymore, just because Hezbollah has decided to fight the world on behalf of Iran, an Iran that strives resourcefully and cunningly to make deals with the West that Nasrallah claims is responsible for the conspiracies.

Once again, Hezbollah miscalculates its own strength and that of Lebanon. This country is not capable of influencing any kind of alliance proposed by Nasrallah, especially on the economic level. This country is so small and of secondary importance that throughout its history it has not even been able to declare enmity with Syria. it is a small country if compared with China, Russia or the United States. This country is so small that Iran, though suffering from a severe economic crisis, is capable of colonizing and annexing it.

All this means that Nasrallah is trying to guide people in new directions, which don’t even exist. If China and Russia are capable of resolving crises, why not solve the Iran crisis and help it emerge from the confinement of US sanctions? If China is capable of confronting the United States, why did it cunningly strike a deal with Washington so that it will avoid a continued decline in its GDP? If Russia is so strong, why doesn’t it contribute to the reconstruction of Syria after it colonized it?

These obvious questions do not need economists to answer them. They are obvious and their answers are not hidden from anyone. Nevertheless, the leader of Lebanon's largest political force comes out to present unrealistic plans to the Lebanese people and describing them as the ideal solution, trying to convince them that "others" are blocking these effective plans.

Nasrallah’s admission of the drying up of solutions will probably not stop there. Either he will antagonize those he accuses of impeding the solutions he proposes and this antagonisation will be costly for the Lebanese and Lebanon or he wants the Lebanese to believe that his party’s role in ruling the country was just a facade and that the real power lies elsewhere.

And if the latter hypothesis proves correct Hezbollah has finally joined all the other pillars of power, some of whom have fallen on the street and others have declared openly or secretly that they were not part of the centres of power and that their gains from it were not something worth defending.

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