"Arab women will only be liberated when we have separation of religion and state"

Monday 18 March 201912:48 pm
Women had had no identity, no legal independence, were deprived of liberty, and had little value under the rule of the Abrahamic religions. They were deceived when they were told that religions honored them. They have only known humiliation, oppression and persecution under the rule of religious men. Women were only liberated when religion was separated from the state in Western countries. Before that in the West (and still in the Arab world), women were just a vessel for men to unload into. Many friends ask me why I focus in my writings on women and their problems in Arab society without offering solutions and how to overcome the patriarchy. I am sorry to say that Arab women have not yet reached the stage where solutions can be proffered. The tunnel is still long and dark. The light that some women see at the end of the tunnel is a hallucination caused by the soothing pills that the male society provides them with from time to time to calm and control their anger. Sometimes we see men deluding women by claiming to support their demands, even standing on pedestals and calling for their liberation. All this is a soothing pill the effect of which dissipates after a period of time. No one believes your lies about women anymore. You have made them a slave to your desires and your religious laws. You have embalmed their thoughts and pushed them into only one role: that of Eve who ate the apple and spent her life atoning for that sin. I'm not Eve. That woman doesn’t exist. She is a fictional character in a fictional book whose author is anonymous, believed by millions of people throughout the ages, and was opposed by all philosophers, scholars and intellectuals. There are no solutions on the horizon with regard to the issues of Arab women as long as we defer to religious rulings and laws. Women: Do not think that society considers you a human being with rights and duties and an independent entity as long as the Abrahamic religions consider you half human, with an obscene body and and incomplete mind. Read about your rights in the Human Rights Charter, those rights that women have received in the West and are still missing in your country. I am not just a vessel to unload your desires and your psychological, sexual and religious complexes. My father taught me to doubt and read. I have broken your idols with my mind. I went out of your darkness to the light. Freedom is my doctrine and my law. My faith in humanity makes me love life and everything on this earth. You will not be able to destroy me with your customs, traditions and religions after I realized the value of myself when I came out of the darkness of religion into the light of truth.
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